The OnLink Performance Management System

Cloud-based optimization platform providing intelligence and insights leading to economic benefits and playing conditions improvements.


  • Tough weather can negatively impact the playing conditions here at Boca Rio. Storms can have a major effect on the course and excessive cloudiness can lead to disease and decline issues on our Bermuda grass greens. With the accurate weather forecasting that OnLink 2.0 offers, we expect that we’ll be able to react more appropriately in advance to adjust our soil moisture conditions and make wise decisions regarding fungicide and nutrient applications. In the end, this will drive our costs down and make our operations more economically efficient. More importantly, it will ensure that our members continually have the best possible playing conditions on our course.

  • Woodway is celebrating 100 years of providing players with pristine playing conditions. Using OnLink helps us maintain that high bar we’ve set and it also makes running our course more economically efficient, thanks to its easy-to-use, actionable data reporting, which we’ve used to reduce our chemical and nutrient costs, labor costs and water consumption. Now, OnLink 2.0’s weather forecasting capabilities will help us further improve our playing conditions. With OnLink 2.0, Woodway will remain a premier golfing destination for the next 100 years.

  • The insight and organization potential we have seen from OnLink has been of great benefit to our daily operation and planning. We look forward to the new 2.0 version! The improvements and additions are going to streamline the current application and broaden the scope for all users!

  • OnLink's original version was extremely beneficial in all facets of its centralized cloud-based platform, and I felt the return on investment was found over and over. I anticipate OnLink 2.0 will continue to simplify our record keeping practices, improve operational forecasting and expand our abilities to manage course conditions to new levels. I have no doubt that our team, in conjunction with the use of OnLink 2.0, will be well equipped to provide better playing conditions and reduce costs for our membership at Sparrows Point Country Club

  • We anticipate that OnLink 2.0 will further improve our time management at Mountain Vista through its increased easy reporting capabilities. The new platform allows for report sharing and exporting, meaning that preparing quarterly presentations is more streamlined than ever before. This is a huge benefit for our members, as the time that would be spent preparing reports can be channeled toward continuing to provide our players with premier playing conditions. Once again, OnLink makes my life easier by removing a step or two from my management process.

  • Being able to act on-the-spot to adapt to changing conditions is critical to effectively and economically operate a course in today’s industry. Since using OnLink we’ve heard from our members that our playing conditions are terrific, and we think it is due to the simple-to-understand and easy-to-use course data reporting provided by this platform. From nutrient and chemical management to water management and now, accurate weather forecasting, OnLink 2.0 is going to bring our operations to the next level.

  • Here in Arizona, water comes at a premium. OnLink has helped us reduce our water consumption while maintaining the high level of playing conditions that our players expect from Grayhawk. We are confident that OnLink 2.0 will not only meet but surpass all of our expectations. We expect the new platform’s simple, easy-to-use interface will make running our course even more economically efficient. If you are operating a course in a climate with extreme weather conditions like we do, OnLink is an investment worth making.

  • Managing a golf course is a continual balance between sport, science, and relationships. OnLink is a comprehensive tool aimed at bringing clarity and confidence to all of the decisions that managers make on and off the course. Simple access to detailed information that saves time, money, and resources has improved the way we manage the property at Mississaugua.

  • The OnLink Platform enables me to gather all the information I need – from six different courses – into the palm of my hand. This is much more than a needed time-saver, it gives insight to make better decisions. The insights come from aggregating all the data collected at Desert Mountain and consolidating it in four phases, each driving its own value by correlating benefits from independent or complex data sets. We are building upon the success of phase one where we achieved a 15% reduction in water that equates to approximately $50,000 in water savings on each course for a total approaching $300,000 annually, as well as 15-20 million gallons of water saved.

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