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Nearly everything on a golf course is predicated by weather – fertilizer and chemical applications, mowing, and water management to name a few. The more accurately you can predict the weather, the more precisely you can make decisions that positively affect playing conditions and save you money.

IBM's The Weather Company is OnLink's best-in-class weather partner, offering the most precise, accurate, and up-to-date weather in the world leading to 40% greater accuracy over competitive weather services for current and forecast conditions.

Improve agronomic practices, chemical and fertilizer inventory management, project planning, and tournament preparations with detailed rolling 14-day hourly and daily forecasting.

Trigger alerts and inspire action with customizable thresholds set for critical seasonal weather variables such as declining humidity levels, cloud cover over multiple days, and nighttime temperature.

More about The Weather Company

The Weather Company is one of the largest global providers of atmospheric and weather data in the world, providing the most precise, accurate and up-to-date weather data. Forecasts are updated every 15 minutes for up to 2.2 billion locations around the world, generating approximately 20 billion forecasts per day, on average. Data is collected from a personal weather station network of more than 200,000 reporting stations globally. Data is also gathered from more than 150 different sources – data like pollen, turbulence, radar, satellite imagery, traffic, personal weather stations, smartphone pressure sensors and more. More than 140 meteorologists at The Weather Company work in a variety of roles including analyzing and forecasting the weather, sales, software engineering and customer support.

Water Management

Knowing just the right amount of water to use to create optimum playing surfaces can make all the difference.

Optimize water management and develop best watering practices that will help you reduce water and energy costs, improve chemical and nutrient applications, so you can create consistent playing conditions on your course.

The OnLink Water Management feature helps you correlate optimal soil moisture levels and key weather variables such as evapotranspiration, humidity, wind, and forecasted precipitation. And, you can set early warning thresholds that send text and email alerts when you begin approaching water budgets, low or high soil moisture levels, and other key weather variables that can affect watering practices.

Click for key partners and products to achieve optimal water management

  • Motor Controls Inc (MCI) - Pump station OEM
  • Watertronics - Cloud Vision pump station OEM
  • Spectrum Technology - Field Scout soil sensor
  • Stevens Water - Pogo soil sensor
  • Soil Scout - Wireless in-situ soil sensor
  • The Weather Company - Current and Forecast Weather service integrating with Davis Instruments and Campbell Scientific course weather stations



OnLabor is an effective and portable way to keep all your labor information organized and accessible at any time. Quickly & easily view, manage, and assign Daily Jobs, To-Do's, Overtime, and Reports — all from your mobile phone.

Fast and Easy Job Management
Easily view, add, and assign jobs for anyone on your team, from anywhere on the course! And, stay up-to-date with an all-new digital workboard display that provides a dynamic, organized alternative to the messy whiteboards of yesterday.

Effective Communication
Quickly make changes from your desk or from the course that automatically display on the digital workboard and on user’s mobile devices, making it fast and simple for the whole team to stay updated on the latest golfcourse needs.

Early Warning Alerts and Alarms
Automatic, customizable text and email alerts establish warning thresholds for overtime so that decisions on crew management can be determined before overtime costs kick in.

Get access to a variety of automated reports for dollar allocations, man-hours, and even overtime – all of which are exportable to PDF in just one click. View daily, monthly, and annual reports to gain great insight into how efficiently your business is running.

Critical Labor and Course Conditions Correlations
Automatic integration with OnGolf means you can easily view critical labor information in conjunction with other variables of golf course management, giving you a comprehensive overview of all your golf course efficiencies.

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Chemical & Nutrient Application and Inventory Management


Easily reduce usage and save on applications by making decisions based on key weather and soil conditions, rather than a generic spray calendar provided by the product supplier.

Effortlessly establish optimal chemical and nutrient application practices based on key weather and soil conditions with the Playbook Application log. This turnkey data log is pre-populated with chemical and nutrient companies, products, and course information, complete with all fields required by state regulations, and dynamically updates as new information is available. Users can also add custom areas of application, weather notes, equipment, and more!

The OnLink + Playbook log helps you easily record data and view records in a snap, plus, access the documents database that includes over 3,000 labels of products specific to the golf market.

It’s easy to track nutrient and AI applications on your course – up to 13 different nutrients and AI lb/m are automatically tracked for you when you enter products on the application log.

Quickly access coverage charts that show proper application intervals to alert users of transitions and expirations and use Accumulator to provide a running tally of each product total applied on the course year-to-date.

More about our coverage Partner

Chemical and Nutrient application and inventory management coverage provided in part by our partner, Playbooks.

Fleet Management

It’s hard to run a golf course without properly functioning equipment – properly scheduling usage and maintenance can help streamline course efficiency and boost profitability.

Coming Summer 2017: New features including Equipment and Operator location, service alerts and planning based on automated engine run times, and automated order management of all parts and components through an inventory management program. All equipment information and relevant financial information can now be in one place, so you can monitor from start to finish.

More about our John Deere partnership

Playing Conditions

More predictable playing conditions lead to higher profitability for you!

Performance can now be quantified. Easily create recipes that eliminate performance subjectivity with defined speed and firmness goals for different times of the year and season that are correlated with key weather variables, equipment practices, nutrient programs, and soil conditions.

OnLink helps you determine the best recipes with options to establish thresholds for daily play, club/course tournaments, outings, and seasonal differences. Then, review reports to correlate key weather variables, equipment and labor practices, soil moisture levels, and growth nutritional programs that give you insight on what works best. OnLink makes it easy for you to keep historical recipes for all events each year so you can use them again and again.



  • OnLabor+OnEquip: Labor & Equip Management
  • OnWeather: IBM Weather
  • OnAnalytics: Single threshold alerts and comprehensive detail & platform reports

Fall 2017


$399 Implementation Fee



  • OnLabor: Labor Management
  • OnApply: Chemical & Nutrient Management
  • OnCourse: Playing conditions
  • OnWater: Track and manage water use
  • OnWeather: IBM Weather
  • OnAnalytics: Single threshold alerts and comprehensive detail & platform reports


$499 Implementation Fee



  • OnEquip: Fleet Management
  • OnLabor: Labor Management
  • OnApply: Chemical & Nutrient Management
  • OnCourse: Playing conditions
  • OnWater: Track and manage water use
  • OnWeather: IBM Weather
  • OnAnalytics: Multi-threshold alerts and comprehensive detail & platform reports


$899 Implementation Fee